Foresee the best times

for your activities.



Don't let the weather catch you off guard.
Plan your activities with .

Ever ask yourself, “What’s a good time to go running today?” Or, maybe “Can we go hiking this weekend?”

Sure you have. That's why you need Foresee.

By intelligently measuring weather data with your ideal conditions, Foresee helps give you the answers.

Simply put, Foresee is your personal "Activity Forecast".

Wherever You Are

Foresee is your "Activity Forecast" wherever you are. Select from cities all over the world.

Just the Basics

Just pop open the app and see ideal times to do your activity! Swipe through the timeline to foresee the day and week ahead.

Relevant Forecasts

For any hour, view the relevant forecast for your activity. Compare the actual forecast with your ideal conditions.

Personalized Weather

Like to run in the mornings? In the cold?
In the rain? Specify the weather conditions that are important to what you want to do.

Personalize your activities even further with over a hundred bright colors.

Activities Galore

Tons of activities for you to choose from such as running, hiking, water sports, planting flowers to even playing fetch with the dog!